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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

French Flowers - Sept. mystery quilt

September was a blur as it just zipped on by.  It's already mystery quilt time again.

If you are needing a quilt for Christmas gift-giving, this one fits the bill.  The quilt is quick and simple but the results are amazing - a perfect blend of modern and vintage.

Not sure the tutorial will  be needed for this one but here we go:

Cut out five of the flower shapes from the blue medallion fabric.  Cut 5 flower centers from the gold.  Appliqué each flower to a 10 inch square.  We simply glued the flower in place with Elmer’s washable school glue and stitched around the edge to secure.  This allows the edges to fray a little when the quilt is laundered.

Arrange and sew the 10 inch squares into 5 rows with 5 squares in each row.  Make sure to place a flower appliqué in each of the five rows.  

The block rows should measure 47 ½ inches long.  (If yours is slightly different adjust the sashing rows to fit.)  Create the sashing rows by sewing a 1 ½ inch blue hexagon print between two of the 2 inch light strips to create the needed length (47 ½ inches).  Sew a 1 inch blue medallion strip to each side of this section.  

Create 4 sashing sets.  Sew between each of the four rows of squares. 

Quilt as desired.  Launder to fluff the raw edges and enjoy!

We are still undecided on fabrics for next month's mystery.  We will post a photo when we can.

Remember - $5.55 fabrics this Friday.  Stop in for a great deal on some yardage!

  Shop Hop starts next Wednesday - join us for some fun and refreshments.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Somewhere in Time - session four

It's time for session four already.  Here are the photos of the blocks we're doing.

A couple of notes. 

Some of the fabrics in your kits are different prints from the ones shown.  (The backgrounds for both of your block are the same.  The blue star is a different blue print and the pink star is a different pink print.)

Remember Shop Hop begins October 8.  Please join us for the fun.

We have space left for the mystery quilt next Tuesday.  You can see the fabrics we are using in the top left corner of this blog page.  Becky has designed a really quick and cute quilt that would be perfect for Christmas gift giving. 

Give us a call at 801-465-9133.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Session 3 of Somewhere in Time

Here are the blocks we are working on this session.

Have fun!

Please note - the shop will be closed next week (Sept. 16 -20) as we will be vending at Quilt Fest. in Layton.  Come up and see us and all the other vendors at the Davis Conference Center if you can.  They also do a wonderful quilt show.

The blocks:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Firday is the first Friday of the month.

That means we will have fabric for $5.55 a yard.  Becky will be bringing new bolts back from the warehouse so come check them out and save!

See you on Friday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Session two of "Somewhere in Time"

We are doing session two of our new block party this weekend.  The kits and instructions are ready to pick up if you would like them today.  I am posting photos of the blocks for your reference.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 

If you get a chance, you should see Payson Community Theater's production of  Les Miserables.  We went last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I believe they have 4 performances left (tonight, tomorrow and two shows on Labor Day).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Halloween Boos - Aug. 2014 Mystery quilt

I'm just guessing that those of you who signed up for this month's mystery quilt are going to be really happy you did.  With a little bit of easy applique (fusible web style) and some magical piecing you'll have yourself a really cute showpiece to add to your Halloween decor! 

It's a pretty long cutting list this time.  Remember to cut carefully as you really don't have a lot of extra fabric.

Let's start with the applique section. Trace all of the appliqué figures onto the wrong side of fusible web.  Roughly cut the appliqué figures and fuse to the wrong side of chosen fabrics.  Cut out the objects on the traced line. 

Hint - to eliminate a lot of the stiffness of the fusible web, Becky will cut out the inside portion of the web on the larger objects.  This saves on fusible and gives the finished project a little more flexibility.

 Position the appliqué pieces on the black background rectangle.  (Use the photo for a placement guide.  Add the cats to the bottom of the house if desired.  We added ours after we had taken the photo.)  Fuse in place and stitch around the edges to secure.  Becky likes to use a blanket stitch.  A satin stitch would look nice as well.

So sorry, we just realized we forgot to include the ghosts on the applique sheet.  We will have some copies at the shop or you can create your own ghost.


Sew the black and orange strips along the length of the fabric.  

Press toward the black.  Sub- cut these units to create 23) 3 inch segments.

Sew ten of the units together side by side, alternating orange and black, to create the bottom check unit. 


Sew 13 orange/black together to create the side checks.   Position the side unit checks so the squares will line up correctly when the bottom checks are sewn on.  This section will be just little longer than the appliqué section.  Sew from the bottom of the appliqué and trim the excess checks even with the top of the appliqué.  Sew the bottom section of checks under the appliqué section.

The B.  Draw a diagonal line on the back of the large polka dot 3” orange squares, as well as the 2 ½” orange squares.   Place an orange square on the appropriate corner of a black square/rectangle.  Sew on the line and trim ¼ inch from the sewn line.  


Press toward the black.  Refer to the B diagram for correct placement of the orange triangles.  The 2 ½ inch square placement is noted in the pattern.  Assemble and sew together as diagrammed in the pattern.

The finished B in the quilt


The Os.  The Os are created with 4) 6 ½ inch black squares, 2)4 x 6 ½ inch black rectangles, 8) 3 inch orange squares and one 5½ x 6 ½ inch orange rectangle.  Draw a diagonal line on the back of each of the 3 inch orange squares.  Place on opposite corners of the 6 ½ inch squares with right sides together.  Sew on the drawn line and trim ¼ inch past the line as diagrammed previously.  Arrange and sew together as indicated in the pattern diagram.

The finished O in the quilt

Use the remaining black and orange squares and rectangles to create three more Os.

Arrange the B and two Os side by side to form the top row.  Sew a 1 ½” x 18 ½” sashing strip between the three letters.  Sew a 1 ½” strip across the bottom of the BOO row.  Arrange the last two Os one on top of the other and sew the1 ½” x 12 ½” sashing between them.  Sew a 1 ½” sashing strip to the right side of the two Os.  Sew this unit to the left side of the appliqué section.  Sew the BOO row to the top of the quilt. 

Sew the 1 ½” orange border around the quilt.  Follow with the final border. Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy!

We are planning on using the Lost and Found 2 collection of fabrics for the September mystery quilt.

Come join us!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Somewhere in time blocks

Thanks so much to all of you who are participating in our block party - Somewhere in Time.  As you know we had the first session this morning.  As promised, I am posting photos of the blocks for you to reference as you work on them.  Here are the two versions of block one.

We can still accommodate more participants if you would like to join in the fun.  Give us a call at 801-465-9133.