Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Correction for June Mystery quilt.

We made a mistake in the cutting directions for Citrus Summer Cheesecake.
From the yellow sashing fabric you should cut 30) 3 1/2 inch squares, not 3 inches as stated.

Sorry for the error. 

Kelly and Becky

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Mystery Tutorial

Citrus Summer Cheesecake  about 59 x 71

This quilt is an adaptation of Key Lime Cheesecake, a quilt from Becky’s Book From Cakes to Quilts.    We love the fresh, summery feel – hope you do too. 

Match each of the 10 inch squares with another square with the right sides together and the outside edges aligned.  Make sure there is good contrast between the matching squares. 
Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each set. 
Sew ¼ inch on each side of the drawn line. 
Cut on the line and press open. 

 Match the resulting squares with opposite fabrics touching and the seams nested together.  Draw a diagonal line perpendicular to the seam.  Sew ¼ inch on each side of the line and cut on the line. 

Press open and square each of these blocks to 9 inches.

To create the sashing, sew a 1 ¾ inch green strip to the side of a 1 inch yellow strip.  Press toward the yellow.  Sew a 1 ¾ inch green to the other side and press toward the yellow. 

Create 13 of these strips.  From each strip cut four segments 9 inches long.  

Create the rows by sewing a sashing strip between four quarter square triangle blocks and to each end of the resulting row.  Press toward the sashing.

 Create 5 of these rows.
Create the sashing rows by sewing a yellow corner square between four of the yellow and green sashing units and to each end of the resulting row.  Press toward the sashing.

Create 6 of these rows.

Sew the triangle square rows together with a sashing row between each row and to the top and bottom of the quilt. 

Sew on the borders.  Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy!

Becky modeling the finished quilt.  Which is cuter, the quilt or the coordinating quilter? 

The whole quilt so you can see the layout.  The colors in real life are much more vibrant.  We are still working on the photography part.

These are some of the fabrics planned for the July mystery quilt.  The folks at Riley Blake are in the process of moving to a bigger facility so we couldn't verify needed amounts.  If these don't work out we will post a new photo on the blog so check back.

Give us a call at 801-465-9133 or stop by to sign up.

Happy quilting!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Beehive Buzz time!

We had a great start here at the shop yesterday.  Stop on in and pick up your free pattern and swatch buddies starter kit. 

Here is a photo of the quilt for our free pattern.  The Beehive Shop Hop Association decided each shop would do a nine inch block out of bright, happy solids.  We used ombre' solids.  I think the finished quilt turned out really fun.

We only used five different fabrics in the quilt but with all the different shades it looks like many more.