Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Independence Day weekend!

Start the celebration with fabric savings!

Tomorrow, July 1, is $5.55 Friday.  We have added new fabric to the shelves so

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June mystery quilt

Thanks for your understanding in moving the mystery quilt back a day. 

Becky came up with another fun creation this month.  Let's get started.

Your kit contains 12) 1/4 yard cuts.  Cut each according to the instructions.  We included a cutting diagram to help you make sure you get all of the pieces needed.  Each print will become a background in one block and arrows in a different block.  You may want to sort the prints at the beginning to make sure you get the contrast needed in each block.

Sew a 2½” arrow piece to each end of a 5½” x 8½” background rectangle. Sew a 2” x 5½” background to each end of this unit. This will be the center section of the block.

Sew a 2” x 5½” background to both sides of a 2½” x 5½” arrow rectangle.  Repeat to create 2 units.

To create the flying geese units place 2) 3½ inch background squares onto a 6½ inch arrow square as shown below.  Draw a diagonal line and stitch ¼ from the line on both sides.  Cut on the drawn line and press toward the triangles.  (We have used this method in a previous quilt so I am borrowing the photos from it.  Don't let the fabrics confuse you)

Place one of the remaining 3½ inch background squares on one of the units created above aligning the straight edges of the squares.  (See below.)  Make sure the fabrics are right sides together.  Draw a diagonal line through the square.       

Sew ¼ inch from the line on both sides.  Cut on the line.  Repeat with the remaining 3½ inch square and the other unit.  Press the triangles back and square the geese to measure 3” x 5½”.  

Sew a 3” x 5½” background to the top of the four flying geese units.   
 Sew a flying geese unit to each end of a rail unit as shown below.  Create two for each block.
 Assemble the block as shown below.
 Create a total of 12 blocks from the different fabric combinations.

Arrange the blocks in rows of three.  Sew a 15½” sashing strip between the blocks in each row.

Use the 2½” inch strips to create three sashing strips 49½” long.  (Check the width of your quilt and adjust if necessary.) 

Sew the 3” strips all around the quilt to create the final border.

Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy! 

 We will be using the Apricot and Persimmon line for the July mystery quilt.  Give us a call at 801-465-9133 to sign up.