Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Mystery - "A walk through the Park"

This quilt is simply 5 inch, sashed squares set diagonally.  We love the way it turned out.  I think the design fits the feel of the fabric well.

Here we go!

Refer to the diagram on the back of your instructions.  Because of the way the quilt goes together, the four corner units will be created and then sewn on after the rows are sewn together.  
To create the corner units sew a 1 ½ x 5 inch sashing to the bottom of a 5 inch square. 
 Sew a setting triangle to each side of the above unit.  
Sew one of the small corner triangles to the top.  Create four corner units and set aside.
Create the rows by sewing a sashing strip between squares.  

Follow the instructions to create the needed rows.  Each row will be longer than the previous.
Create a 1 ½ inch sashing strip and sew underneath rows 1 through 6.  Sew the strip to the top of rows 8 through 13.

Since seam allowances tend to vary, we found it easier to simply create the strip a little longer than the row and then trim it off evenly.  Sew a setting triangle to both ends of rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13 as shown in the diagram.  Sew the setting triangles to only one end of rows 5, 6, 8 and 9.  Refer to the diagram for correct placement.  Sew rows 1 through 6 together.  Sew rows 8 through 13 together.  Sew these sections to the top and bottom of row 7.  Sew the corner units in place.


Sew the 2 inch border strips around the entire quilt.  Since you are working with a lot of bias at this point, work carefully to avoid ruffling.

We loved the quilt so much we decided to add some more borders so it would be closer to twin size.  (We have some border kits if you are interested.  They are only $15.37 while they last.)  To create the optional borders sew a 2 1/2 inch print around the entire quilt.  Finish with a five inch white final border.  Add appliqué flowers to corners if desired.
Here is a detail photo of the applique flowers.  (Sorry it is a little fuzzy but it might help with petal placement.)

Have fun!

Thanks so much for your participation in our mystery quilt program. 

Here are some of the fabrics we will be using for the June mystery quilt.  Sign up early because space is limited.  Call us at 801-465-9133 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sample Sale

We have been going through more quilt totes recently as we fight our never-ending battle to become organized.  We found some wonderful quilts that we had put away.  After some serious pondering, we came to the conclusion that if the quilt hadn't seen the light of day within the last year it may as well go to a home where it can be used and loved and cherished on a daily basis. 

So...  here are some more quilts available for adoption. 

First is a classic little wall hanging to help celebrate the seasons.  This one is from an Art to Heart pattern and measures 18 1/2 x 35 inches. 


    Reg.  $60.00    
Sale $48.00

Many of you will recognize the next one as a mystery quilt we did last year.  It actually never made it into a tote but we figure we'll save it the grief and send it directly to a loving home.  It's a pattern that Becky designed and measures about 56 x72 inches.

Reg.  $175.00
Sale $140.00
The Cheery Cherry Picnic below was one of our favorite mystery quilts.  It is now available to brighten your home.  It measures about 56 x 68 inches.  Don't you love the gently waving borders?
Reg. $200.00
Sale $160.00
The next one is still one of our favorite quilts.  We have hung on to it for some time but have never found a place for it to be used.  The quilt is from a Quilt In a Day pattern.  I think the yellow and teal makes an unexpectedly striking combination and the machine quilting is beautiful.  The quilt is about 68 x 82 inches.  (The photo doesn't give a great representation of the colors.  Come and see it.)

 Reg. $300.00
Sale $240.00
The next quilt is one that Becky designed for her Cakes to Quilts book.  It is pieced from a colorful Mary Engelbreit fabric collection.  (Again, the colors are much brighter than they appear in the photo.)


Reg. $220.00
Sale $175.00
Sunflower Farms is a cozy feeling raw edge applique quilt.  Another one of our favorites.

Reg. $190.00
Sale $152.00
We still have some quilts left from the last sale (posted Feb. 15).  We have decided to reduce them even further.  Check the post for updated pricing.  If you see something you like give us a call at 801-465-9133.  Have a great day.
 We are still not done going through everything so check back in the soon.