Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 2016 mystery quilt

Hope you (local folks) enjoyed a great holiday as we celebrated Pioneer day here in Utah.  It was nice to have some time at home to catch up on a few of the many things that need attention around the house.  It was especially nice to spend some time with the family.

Before we get into today's tutorial, we wanted to pass on a tip from one of our quilting friends.  She is working on the Payson temple quilt with us and had the idea to use an angel moroni tie tac at the top of the temple instead of stitching it.  Wish we had thought of this before doing the stitching.

The July mystery quilt.

Read through the instructions to become familiar with the process.  Cut according to the directions.

Cut all of the squares in half diagonally.

Sew a black strip to one of the halves.

Sew the other half of the square to the other side of the black strip.  Make sure to align both ends with the first half. 

Press toward the triangles and square the block to 7 inches square.  (A nine inch square up ruler works really well for this.  Make sure to place the diagonal line on the ruler in the exact center of the black strip.)

Repeat to create a total of 64 blocks.

The blocks are assembled in eight rows with eight blocks in each row.  Layout the blocks to distribute the colors to your liking and then sew the rows together.  Alternate the direction of the black stripe from block to block to create the lattice look.

Add the stripe border to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Complete with the final border on all four sides.  The completed quilt measures about 63 x 68 inches. 

As we were making the quilt one of our daughters (the one that usually doesn't care about quilts) mentioned that she kind of liked this one.  So we are going to make the quilt a little larger to fit her twin sized bed.   We will add two more rows of blocks.  The first border will be all the way around instead of just top and bottom.  The final border will be increased to seven inches.  It will finish about 70 1/2 x 83 1/2 inches. 

We still have most of the fabrics available if you would like to make yours larger.

Happy sewing!

We will be using fabric from "Paper Dolls On the Road" for the August mystery quilt.  Sign up today because kits are limited.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Saturday Sampler (block 6)

Block 6

For block 6 you will need:
4) 4" cream/tan squares
4) 4"cream squares
4) 4" red squares
4) 4" blue squares

Draw a diagonal line on the back of the cream and cream/tan squares.

Match the four red squares with cream squares.

Match the four blue squares with cream/tan squares.

Place the squares right sides together with the outside edges aligned.

Sew 1/4 inch on each side of the line.

Cut on the line.

Square to 3 1/2" and trim the corners from each end of the seam to eliminate bulk.

Press toward the darker fabrics.

Use the photo at the top to arrange and sew the half square triangles to create the pinwheels.