Monday, October 1, 2012

We're having a quilt sale!

We were going through all the trunks of quilts the other day.  We started thinking - what are we going to do with all of these quilts?  As most of you will relate, it's hard to part with some of these hand made creations.  But, alas, the bills have to be paid. 

View below to see 12 wonderful quilts that we have decided to part with.  Please give us a call if you see anything of interest to you.  All of the quilts are new.  They have been used as displays at the shop so each reflects a discount.

Window Panes
about 70 1/2 x 80 1/2
Reg. Price $250.00
Sale price $200.00

Window Panes quilting

Posy Farm  
about 54 x 78
Reg. $212.00
Sale $196.60

Posy Farm quilting

Posy Farm Backing

Lazy Daisy Quilt
about 72 1/2 x 90
Reg. $371.00
Sale $296.80

Lazy Daisy quilting

Lazy Daisy back

Key Lime Cheesecake
about 71 x 94
Reg. $350.00
Sale $280.00

Key Lime quilting

Key Lime backing 

Tipsy Tulips
about 63 x 70
Reg. $200.00
Sale $160.00

Tipsy Tulips quilting

Tipsy Tulips backing

Pieces from the Past
 about 99 x 99
Reg. $ 900.00
Sale $810.00

Pieces from the Past quilting

Pieces from the Past backing

Pretty Packages 
about 61 x 71
Reg. $200.00
Sale $160.00

Pretty Packages quilting

Pretty Packages flannel backing

about 64 x 51 1/2
Reg. $200.00
Sale $160.00

Whirligigs quilting

Whirligigs scrap pieced backing

Cris Cross Connections 
about 56 x 66
reg. $175.00
Sale $140.00

Cris Cross Connections quilting

Cris Cross Connections minky backing

Halloween topper/wall hanging
about 51 x 51
Reg. $160.00
Sale $128.00.

Double Wedding Ring
about 67 x 79
Reg. $700.00
Sale $630.00

Double Wedding Ring heirloom quilting

Double Wedding Ring backing

Daisy Chain   
about 60 x 72
Reg. $225.00
Sale $202.50

Daisy Chain backing

Please pass the word on to your non-quilting friends.
Have a great day!


  1. Fantastic. Quilts! may want to do a double check on the double wedding ring... if it's not a typo, I'll take it for the regular price ;)

    1. Thanks Marion. We noticed the error last night.

  2. Hello! My friend did your Whirlygig quilt and I love it! I wonder if you might have the pattern for sale??