Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan. Mystery quilt

We are well into the new year.  Hope it's going well for you.

Becky decided to call this month's mystery quilt "OOPS! I did it again".  We have done the quilt in other versions but it is just so quick and fun we think you may want to repeat it over and over.

Here is how the quilt turned out.  I'd say - she's done it again!

Here's how it's done.

The kits contain 21) 5 inch strips.  From each strip you will cut 4 squares and 2 rectangles.  If you leave the strip folded, you can cut them twice as fast.

Match two different squares and sew together.  Complete 42 sets.

Match the two square sets to a different rectangle and sew to create 42 blocks.

Arrange and sew the blocks into seven rows of six blocks.  Turn each of the blocks to create a random look. 

The photo above doesn't show all six blocks but you get the idea.

Sew all seven rows together. 

We decided to add a big blossom to give the quilt just a little extra interest.  (The applique is optional and is not included in the $29.00 kits.)

We used fusible interfacing to create the applique.  You simply trace the shapes onto the non-fusible side of the interfacing.  Place the fusible side of the interfacing against the right side of the fabric. 

Sew on the drawn line and trim just over 1/8 inch from the line.  For the circle, you will cut a slit in the interfacing and turn right side out.  The petals will have an open end that you can turn through.  Smooth out the edges and gently roll the interfacing to the underside of the applique.  Arrange on the quilt as desired and press using steam.  The steam helps the interfacing to shrink up a little behind the fabric so it doesn't show.  Stitch the applique to secure.

Add the borders to the quilt and your done!  Wasn't it fun?

The Little Red Hen block party starts this Saturday.  We still have room available and would love to have you join us.

The Traditions block party starts on February 15th.  It is turning out beautifully.  We have space available in it as well.

Check back for next month's mystery fabrics.  We will post them as soon as we find them.

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