Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home project completed!

A while ago we heard about a reclaimed junk project where you turn an old headboard into a bench.  We had a couple of headboards that were just waiting for a ride to the junkyard and a little corner nook in our bedroom that needed something to fill it.  After scouring the internet for ideas, this is what became of one of the old headboards.

It's certainly not an heirloom furniture piece but it adds a little interest to an empty corner.  

We are always looking for a spot to store another quilt so we made our bench with a lift up lid. (A couple of quilts have now made it off the floor of the closet.)

Of course, the real reason for having the bench is not because we needed a place to sit but because we needed something to drape another quilt over.  The bench looks better all dressed up don't you think?

It feels good to get a project done and the garage is a little less cluttered too!  It was really a pretty simple project that we completed with scraps we had lying around.  The only things we had to buy were the hinges and 3 cans of spray paint.  

If it is something that interests you, there are plenty of online tutorials.  Just google - making benches from headboards...or, our church youth group is planning to make some as a fundraiser for their summer activity.  I'm not sure when they will be available but you are welcome to call us at the shop if you would like more information.  (801-465-9133)  

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