Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome Spring - February mystery quilt

 The fabric collection we are using this month reminds us of some of our favorite Spring things - Cadbury mini eggs and marshmallow peeps.  (Perhaps our list of favorite things should be re-evaluated.)  Really though, the colors and patterns are soft and reminiscent of Spring and the renewal of life that accompanies it.  With a little time and effort it will become part of your Springtime celebration.  Enjoy!

Sew the strips together in sets of two along the length to create 18 sets.  Press.   

 We used the 6½ inch triangle square up ruler from Quilt in a Day to cut the triangles.  (We have created a template if you don’t have the ruler.)  Place the 6¼ inch line (or the bottom of the template) on the bottom of a strip set.  

Trim both sides then place the 6¼ inch line on the top of the strip and cut.   

Continue alternating in this fashion to cut 8 triangles from each of the strip sets.   

Notice you have 4 triangles with one fabric dominant and four with the opposite fabric dominant.  You will use two of each to form the quilt block

Sew four of the triangle sections together to form a quilt block.  Pay attention to the placement of the triangles.  

Repeat to create 36 blocks.   

Arrange and sew the blocks into rows of 6.  

Sew these rows into one section with 4 rows and one section with two rows.

Trace and cut out the flower appliqués.  Use your favorite appliqué method to attach the flowers to the background.  (We did simple raw edge appliqué.)   

Sew the appliqué section between the two block sections.  

 Sew the 1 ½ inch first border all around the quilt.   

Add the final 4 inch border.  

Quilt and bind.


Thanks so much for doing the monthly mystery quilts with us.  Please spread the word and tell your friends.  

We will post a photo of the March fabrics as soon as we decide what will be used.

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