Friday, March 13, 2015

We're having a quilt sale

Although we love the quilts we create here at the shop, it isn't real practical to keep them all.  So we have decided to pass a few on to a good home (for a very reasonable fee of course).  Please stop in or give us a call (801-465-9133) if you see something you like.

Call or stop by today (March 13) and receive an additional 10% off the price listed!

This is a beautiful wall hanging made from a Buggy Barn panel.  Becky decided to enhance it with hours of embroidery work.  It measures about 30" x 40".

Price: $175.00

 A little better view of some of the stitching detail.

Some fun packages to wrap up in.
Measures 47 1/2" x 64"
Price: $150.00

More packages.  These are a slightly larger scale.  This quilt has a luxurious minkee back.
Measures 56" x 65"
Price: $145.00

A Walk Through the Park
Measures 69" x 82"
Price: $225.00

Star table topper
Measures 36" x 36"
Price: $30.00

Girlie Garden
Measures 46 1/2" x 49 1/2"
Price: $125.00

Barn Chicks
Measures about 62" x 62"
Price: $200.00

Chicken detail

Chevrons with Daisy - This one is quilted with Quilter's Dream batting for an extra comfy feel.
Measures about 60" x 70"
Price: $$155.00

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