Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Mystery (Wilderness Trail)

We don't often run across nice guy fabric so we were happy to find the Trail Mix collection from Riley Blake Designs.  We wanted to keep the pattern simple and quick.  It turned out to be just that.  It went together so quickly that the quilt was pieced before we realized we hadn't taken any photos for the tutorial.  We are, however, working on a girlie version of the same pattern so we will use it for the demo photos.

Use an accurate ¼ inch seam allowance throughout.

Randomly sew 13 of the 5 inch squares together to create a strip set.   
Couldn't get all 13 in the photo but you get the idea.
 Repeat to create a total of 6 sets.   

Measure the length of the strips of squares (they should be about 58 1/2 inches long).  Create five strips the needed length from the 5 inch focus fabric.  Create 10 strips of the same length from the 1 inch sashing strips.  Sew a 1 inch sashing strip to both sides of the focus fabric strips.  Repeat to create 5 sets.

 Sew these units between the strips of squares.  Sew the remaining 1 inch brown strips all around the quilt. 

Add the borders.  (Note: You will need to join with straight seems as there is not enough fabric to join the borders diagonally.)

Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy!   

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