Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Wedding quilt

The wedding quilt is finished - just in time for their one month anniversary!

Many of you will remember it as a mystery quilt we did a few months back.  We added more blocks and borders to make a queen size quilt.  We have a few kits left if you would like to enlarge yours.

The wedding worked out so nicely.  Here are just a few photos from the Payson celebration. 

The handsome couple

Our kids and grandkids - so proud of them all

One of Mason's favorite things - peanut butter fingers

The cookie buffet

The hot chocolate bar
The handsome bar keeps
These guys are some of Mason's good buds.  We are so grateful as parents for the influence of really great friends who watched out for each other through the years.

The reception in Seattle was wonderful as well - we haven't snagged any photos from that one yet.

Welcome to the family Megan!

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