Thursday, January 12, 2017

Finishing instructions for patriotic (buck a block) quilt. (Throw size)

Thanks so much for participating in our Buck- a-block program the last 12 months.  We hope you have enjoyed it.  We are planning another one for 2017 so stay tuned - details will be coming.

Important note:  If you purchased a finishing kit you need to know that we messed up.  (Sorry.) Somehow we didn't calculate the blue fabric needed to border the individual blocks.  Many of you may have something in your stash that will work nicely.  For those who don't we will have an alternate blue available soon.  You will need about 28 inches for the throw size version.  We will be offering this at a discount to those who would like it.  We apologize for the error and appreciate your understanding.

The following finishing instructions are for the throw size version of the quilt.  Some of you opted for a queen size.  Those instructions will be posted separately.  (The process is the same - the cutting amounts are different.)

The blocks you have been sewing through the year should all measure 12½ inches square.

From the blue fabric (not the border fabric) cut 24) 1½” x 12½” strips and 24) 1½” x 14½” strips.

Sew a 12½” strip to opposite sides of each of the 12 blocks and press.  Sew the 14½” strips to the remaining two sides of each block.  Press.

Cut a total of 100) 3 inch squares from the red print.  Draw a diagonal line on the back of 80 of these squares.

Cut a total of 31) 3” x 14½” pieces from the red and cream stripe. 

Place a 3” red square on the end of a 3” x 14 ½” red and cream stripe as diagrammed.  Make sure the right sides of the fabric face each other.

Sew on the diagonal line and trim ¼ inch from the line.  Press back.

Repeat on the opposite end of the red and cream stripe.

Pay close attention to the direction of the diagonal lines to make sure all of the stars points are completed correctly.  Complete 31 star point sashing strips. 

Arrange the completed blocks to create four rows with three blocks in each row.  Sew a star- point/sashing strip between each block and to both ends of the rows.


To create the sashing rows lay three star-point/sashing strips end to end.  Sew a 3” red square
between each of the strips and to each end of the row.  

Create 5 sashing rows.  Sew one between each of the block rows and to the top and bottom of the quilt being careful to align the pieces so the stars join correctly at the intersections.

Create the border by cutting 14)6” x 17” rectangles and 4)6” x 8½” rectangles from the blue fabric.

Lay a blue rectangle in a horizontal position in front of you.  Place a 3” square on the top, right corner of the rectangle with the outside edges aligned, right sides facing and the diagonal line positioned as in the diagram.


Sew on the diagonal line.  Trim ¼” from the sewn line and press.  Repeat using all of the 6 x 17” rectangles and the 6 x 8½” rectangles.

Create the side borders by sewing an 8½” rectangle to the end of a 17” rectangle.  Sew 3 more 17” rectangles to the end of this unit making sure the star points are positioned correctly.  Create two.
Create the top and bottom borders the same way but only using three 17” rectangles in each set.

Pin the right side border in place making sure the star points are properly aligned.  You will have about 5¾” of the blue border protruding past the top of the quilt.  Begin stitching a little past the first star point (at the top of the quilt) and sew down the side to the end of the quilt.  Sew on the bottom border.  Sew the other side side border.  Finish by sewing the top border.  After the top border has been sewn, finish sewing the first border to the quilt.

The finished quilt should measure 63 1/2 x 80 inches.

Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy!


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