Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June mystery quilt

This month's quilt was inspired by another block we recently completed for our "Bee Haven" block party quilt.

We loved the way it turned out and decided it would be fun to see in different colors.

And it was fun to see!

The pattern calls for top and bottom borders of white.  We didn't add them for the photo because we plan to enlarge the quilt to twin size.

The quilt is not difficult to make but it did take a little more time to complete than some of our monthly mystery quilts.  So we are going to walk you through the blossom making process.  It is really just a dresden plate in two colors.

First - sew the 3 1/4 inch print strip to a 3 1/4 inch red strip.

Create a template using the diagram included with the pattern.  Carefully cut the wedges alternating the direction of the template.  You will need 32 wedges for each blossom.  Your kit includes an extra print square to create the 32nd wedge.  Make sure you have 16 of each direction to complete the blossom properly.

Fold the wedges in half along the length with the right sides facing.  Sew 1/4 inch along the wider end.

Snip the corner to eliminate bulk.

Turn the wedge inside out, making sure the corner is completely turned to properly complete the point.

Press and sew the wedges together.  It is important to use an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance so the completed blossoms lie flat.  (A little bit of Best Press or other spray starch may come in handy.)  Make sure the print and red sections alternate properly.

Use a little dab of washable school glue on each tip to hold in place on the background square.  Stitch to secure.  Applique the circle in the center to finish the block.  Create 9 blocks.

We used pre-printed squares for the sashing strips.  Make sure you cut exactly between the rows of  squares from selvedge to selvedge. 

Follow the instructions in the pattern to complete the quilt.

Join us next month for a little puppy love.

These are a few of the fabrics we will be using.  Others will be added. 
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