Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mod Squares - November mystery quilt

So sorry it has taken a while to get this tutorial posted.  We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed a few days away from the shop and got the Christmas tree up.  I've got to say, I sure enjoy having kids willing and able to string all the Christmas lights on the tree.  I don't enjoy that job as much as I once did.

This month's quilt may be one of the quickest quilts we have done.  It is comprised of four big blocks and a little sashing.  The border is optional.

Cut four big blocks from the focus fabric.

Sew the 3 inch black strips around the big blocks.

Randomly sew the 5 inch squares together to create 8 sets with 5 squares and 8 sets with 7 squares.  Sew these sections to the bordered block.

Sew a 3 inch black strip between two of the big blocks.  Repeat with the remaining two.  Sew a 3 inch strip between the resulting two sections and one to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Sew a 3 inch strip to both sides of the quilt.  At this point, the quilt finishes about 72 inches square.

(The quilt kind of folded in so you can't see the black all the way around but it's there.)

We added the optional 4 inch borders to the sides and 8 inch borders to the top and bottom.

My arms couldn't stretch wide enough to hold out the whole quilt but I think you get the idea.  With the optional borders the quilt finishes 79 x 87 inches.

We cut a few extra kits.  If you would like one we will honor the $29.00 price through the end of this week.  

Have fun!

We will post a photo of December's mystery fabrics toward the end of the week.

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