Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September Mystery

October is always a busy month as we prepare for Shop Hop. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the September mystery quilt tutorial.

Here it is.....

Draw 2 diagonal lines on the back of the red 8” squares.  Place (right sides together) with the cream 8” squares.  Sew ¼” on both sides of the lines.  Cut on the lines and horizontally and vertically in the center of the square.   

Each square will yield (8) half square triangles.  

Square the triangle squares to 3½”.  (We love the triangle square up ruler from Quilt in a Day for this.)  Trim off the corners at the seams to eliminate bulk.  Press toward the red fabric.   Repeat using all five of the red and the cream 8” square sets to create a total of 40) half square triangle blocks.

 Sew the triangles in sets of two.  Four sets need cream star points, sixteen sets need red star points.
Sew two of the star point sets to either side of a red square.

Sew a cream square to each end of two red star point units.

 Sew these units to the top and bottom of the center section to complete the star block.  Create four red star blocks and one cream star block as shown below.

Draw a diagonal line on the back of each of the 13” cream squares.  Match, right sides together, with the green 13” squares.  Sew ¼” on each side of the drawn line and cut on the line.  

Press and square up to 12 ½”. 

Repeat this process using the 7” red and green (this read cream in the instructions - sorry) squares.  Trim the resulting triangle squares to measure 6½”.

To create the piano keys sew the 2 ½” green strips to the 2 ½” red strips along the length of the strips.  Press and cut into 5” inch segments.  Sew 11 of these segments side by side starting with a green.  You will need to un-pick one additional green to finish each row.   Create two piano key strips.  Sew a 1½” x 5” red (tone on tone) strip to each end of both of the piano key sections.  

Assemble the quilt from the inside star and work out.  The cream star goes in the center.  Sew  the 6½” red and green half square triangles together to create the the four red star points.   Sew one of these to each side of the center star. 

Sew a 6½” green square to each end of the last two (red) star point sets.



Sew the 12½” green and cream half square triangles in sets of two to form the large star points.  Assemble like the smaller versions using the red star blocks in the corners. 

Sew a 1½” x 48 ½” red on red strip to the top and bottom of the quilt. 

Sew the piano key units to the top and bottom of the quilt. 

Sew the remaining 1½” red on red to the top and bottom.

Add the 4” border all around the quilt.

Quilt as desired.  Bind and enjoy!

These are the fabrics we will be using for the October mystery quilt.

 Give us a call to sign up.  (Great Christmas gift!)  801-465-9133

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