Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March mystery (Joseph's amazing quilt)

Thank you for participating in our mystery quilt program.  We are grateful for your support.  The quilts are a great value and would love to have even more folks participate.  Please continue to encourage your friends to take advantage of our mystery quilt program.

This month's design is a fun sew without a lot of meticulous cutting. 

We were privileged to be hosted in the home of a wonderful lady in Seattle when we were their for our son's wedding reception last December.  She had a quilt on her guest bed that intrigued us.  It became the inspiration for the mystery quilt this month.

This quilt is kind of an extemporaneous thing.  Follow the instructions included in the pattern for cutting all of the strips.

No two should look exactly alike so don’t stress too much over placement.  The quilt is created with 6½ and 5½ inch wide rows.  

 Sew combinations of 3)2½ inch wide strips along the length to equal 6½ inches.  

 Sew 2) 3½ inch strips to create 6½ inch widths.   

Sew a combination of 1)2½ and 1) 3½ inch wide strips to equal the 5½ inch widths.  

If you have leftover narrow strips sew the same sizes end to end to add a little more variety.  

As you sew these combinations, experiment with different lengths so the seam lines are more staggered and random. 

Sew all of the 6½ inch widths together randomly end to end to create one really long strip. 

Do the same with the 5½ inch wide strips. 

Press the long rows and cut into 65” lengths. Randomly sew the 65” rows together to create the quilt. 

We ended up with leftover 5½ and 6½ inch strips that were not 65 inches long.  To utilize these, we trimmed the 6½ inch leftover to 5½ inches wide and sewed to the end of the leftover 5 ½ inch piece.  We were able to add one more row to the quilt. 

Our quilt ended up about 65" x 91" before laundering.  It took about 5 yards of fabric to back the quilt.  We sewed 2) 72" pieces together (along the length) and pieced the remaining yard to create the needed length for the back. 

We love the crinkled, worn look that comes from washing the quilt.  This really was a fun, fast sew.  Hope you enjoy it.

We have a few extra kits.  If you come in today we will honor the mystery quilt price of only $29.00.  Tomorrow they will be regular retail price (which is still a great deal).

The April mystery quilt will be created using the Isabella collection from Penny Rose Fabrics.  To reserve yours - give us a call at 801-465-9133.

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