Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Sampler (Block 2) at Morganson's

Welcome to block number 2.  As with most of the blocks in the series, this block is created with 3 1/2 inch half-square triangle patches.

 You will need:
4) 3 1/2 inch background squares (block corners)
4) 4 inch background squares
4) 4 inch blue squares
2) 3 1/2 inch red
1) 4 inch red
1) 4 inch tan check

Match the 4) 4" background squares with the 4) 4" blue squares with the right sides together and the outside edges aligned.

Do the same with the 4" red and tan squares.

Follow the method described in block one instructions to create 8 blue/background triangle squares and 2 red/tan triangle squares. Square the blocks to 3 1/2 inches.

Use the photo of the block above to lay out the patches and sew together.

Yeah, block two is done!

Becky has been working extra hard this past week to get all of the blocks designed.  Not only did she finish all of her blocks but she got them sashed and bordered to finish the quilt top.

We love the way it turned out.  It ended up about 63 1/2" x 80".

Okay - here's the sales pitch.  If you would like to finish your quilt like ours, we need to know as soon as possible so we can order more fabric if needed. 

The finishing kits for the twelve block quilt that you see it will be $41.25.  If you are planning a queen size quilt you will need 25 blocks.  Finishing kit (about 96" x 96") will be $69.13.

Give us a call soon so we can get the fabric ordered (801-465-9133). 


  1. I have 2 squares but only instructions on line for 1 of them. Please post the instructions for the other square. Thanks. Linda J.

  2. Block one was posted in February. If you press February under the archive button (upper right corner of blog page) you can scroll down until you find the post.


  3. Replies
    1. You can use your mouse to highlight all of the post, then right click and go to copy. Open up a Word document and place your blinking cursor on the document. Right click and then click on paste. That will copy it into a Word document. You can print from there. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for those beautiful blocks.. 🌹